Recent advances in 2D and 3D Microscopy – X-Ray, FIBSEM and Confocal in Nanotechnology and Life Sciences

Achieve advances in Materials Science and engineering, gain an ever improved understanding of sample properties, this is what drives materials research today.
Microscopy systems are re-designed to go beyond the image, whether you aim for fundamental understanding in materials science or metals lightweight construction or want to improve the composition of future materials for energy storage.
In Life Sciences (cell biology, cancer research, neuroscience) you often need to combine complementary microscopy technologies and contrasting techniques to answer your scientific question. How do we connect multimodal data from your 3D cell culture, spheroids, organoids and even whole organisms to get a holistic view on our samples?
In this symposium we will investigate multi-scale and multi-modal Microscopy in different fields and we will focus on the latest technology advances in particular on Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopes (FIBSEMs), X-Ray Microscopy and Super resolution, confocal and Multiphoton Microscopy.