Nanospectroscopy and Nanotechnology: Challenges and Innovations - Manufacturing of nanodevices

The exponential growth of nanotechnologies in recent years has required rapid development of nanoscience and in particular of nanospectroscopy techniques. Understanding, controlling and manipulating the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter, on the nanometer scale, has become a fascinating field of research in continuous evolution. Moreover, a remarkable feature of the nanospectroscopy lies in its multidisciplinary nature as it find application in physics, chemistry and biology. The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists working on nanospectroscopy and nanotechnologies, including theory, experimental demonstration of novel concept, progress and applications to any field of science.

The workshop will be focused on four different sessions:
I Session: Basic principles of Nanospectroscopy
II Session: Nanotechnology applications
III Session: Manufacturing of nanodevices
IV Session: Innovation strategies and research infrastructures