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NanoItaly Association

Arredo Mose volto oroNanoItaly is a cultural no-profit, non-political association, organized on the sovereignty of the members' assembly and whose corporate offices are elective and held without charge.

The main purpose of the Association is to promote and support the integration of the scientific and industrial communities relating the wide field of bio-nano technologies, composed of researchers, technologists and professionals from public research and industrial laboratories, in order to discuss innovative ideas, exchange knowledge and help transfer of know-how, allowing the integration of ideas and knowledge between different areas of application.

We are strongly convinced that meeting and integration of scientific and technological communities traditionally separated from each other to build a new reality able to define new goals and influence the transfer of skills and knowledge from laboratories to businesses and markets, is an absolute need for a profitable development of nanotechnology in our country.
The Association aims to support and encourage collaboration between research institutions and industry, in order to jointly contribute to the regional, national and European programs, to promote the creation of research networks and infrastructure for the needs of research in nano-bio-technology and nanoscience.

The association membership is open to both individuals and organizations interested in participating in the development of the variegated world of nano-bio-technology.
For more information and adhesion please refer to the Association website:

The Association is managed by a Scientific Board which is presently composed by:Arredo AS 100876999

Luigi Ambrosio
Francesco Cubadda
Luciana Dini
Roberto Morabito
Fabrizio Pirri (Scientific Secretary)
Marco Rossi (Vice-President)
Giancarlo Ruocco
Giancarlo Salvati

Pietro Siciliano
Corrado Spinella
Maria Letizia Terranova (Treasurer)
Marco Vittori Antisari (President)

Associazione NanoItaly
c/o di Scienze di Base ed Applicate
Sapienza Università di Roma
Via Antonio Scarpa, 16 – 00161 Roma
Contact person: Marco Vittori Antisari (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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